Please read the disclaimer before proceedingBefore continuing and using the EFT technique on yourself or others, you must read this:

DISCLAIMER: EFT is gentle and easy to use, and has to date yielded remarkable results for relieving emotional and physical distress. While there have been no distressing side effects reported to my knowledge, this does not mean that you will not discover side effects for yourself. IF YOU INTEND TO USE THESE TECHNIQUES AND RECORDINGS, YOU MUST AGREE TO TAKE FULL REPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS WHILE APPLYING THESE TECHNIQUES. You may wish to consult a trained EFT practitioner. If you continue reading through this page and apply these techniques, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for yourself and others when applying the EFT technique, and shall neither hold Marla Tabaka, nor anyone else associated with EFT responsible for any adverse side effects or outcomes.

If you agree to the above disclaimer, you may continue on…

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