Relief From Daily Stress with QuickTaps™

When we think of stress, we tend to focus on the big stressors; finances, relationships, work and more. But even when life is balanced and good, we take on stress. Environmental stress from pollution, wireless technology, et cetera; physical stress, and things like intense thinking, poor sleep habits and poor eating habits. So our body and mind are bombarded – even on the best of days.

EFT tapping, combined with visualization, is a great way to release some of this stress. I enjoy visualizing a beautiful, healing light “cleansing” my body of all negative energy and stress while tapping on releasing my stress.

Try this simple EFT tapping script while envisioning your healing light bathes your body from daily toxins and stress:

  • Even though I’ve taken on some stress today, I love my body and ask for healing now.
  • Even though my body takes on stress, I thank it for being so strong and for protecting me throughout the day.
  • Even though this wonderful body of mine is exposed to stress, I choose to allow healing and repair now.
  • I took on some stress today
  • And I thank my body for protecting me
  • I welcome this healing light to cleanse my body and release this stress
  • As this light travels through my body…
  • It leaves behind only healing and love
  • I thank this light
  • I choose to release this stress
  • Allowing the Universe to transmute it to whatever energy it sees fit
  • It is no longer mine
  • Letting go of this stress
  • Allowing my body to return to its natural state of health
  • I am relaxed and stress free
  • I thank this healing light
  • For leaving me relaxed and stress free

For the big stressors please try “Transforming Stress” with QuickTaps™.  Stress is debilitating, keeping us from our natural state of perfect health and from enjoying life to its fullest. Release your stress with Emotional Freedom Techniques and QuickTaps™.

QuickTaps Transforming Stress
QuickTaps™ Transforming Stress recordings come with:
  • 4 - Transforming Stress MP3 files - so you can choose the level of tapping you'd like to use
  • 1 - Transforming Stress Workbook - so you can truly discover everything you need to know about whatever is holding you back
  • 1- Bonus Tapping Chart - so you can print it out and have it handy when you're working through the tapping process