QuickTaps Story

The Emotional Freedom Technique is one of the biggest breakthroughs to occur in the field of psychotherapy, a breakthrough that is completely changing how we think about creating health and happiness. It’s a relaxing acupressure technique that seems too simple to be true! QuickTaps™ will take you from thinking and feeling negatively to a state of empowerment and positive thinking. It’s truly amazing!

Deepak Chopra, MD“EFT offers great healing benefits.”

When EFT Expert and Life Coach, Marla Tabaka first introduced EFT into her coaching practice, she was surprised by the number of clients who were astounded with the results yet did not use EFT outside of our sessions.  Soon she realized that their reluctance was often because they “didn’t know what to say while tapping.” Clients often express a fear of “saying the wrong thing” or “not knowing where to begin.” They said that Marla always had the “magic words” and that they couldn’t find those words on their own. They said that, unless they were in a session, EFT simply wouldn’t work for them.

So, after years of research, feedback and getting results for clients all over the world, Marla created QuickTaps™; a series of recordings, combined with a simple self-discovery workbook, that takes away the overwhelming task of figuring out how to make EFT Tapping work for you. It’s all right there for you! Easy and convenient to use in the privacy of your own home, QuickTaps™ will take you through powerful Emotional Freedom Technique tapping sessions that have been professionally designed to eliminate the problems that most people face when using EFT Tapping on their own.

“QuickTaps™ are nothing short of astounding!  After using Marla’s recordings for some rather painful issues, I am able to think about these situations without pain or fear, despite my rigorous attempts to evoke those previous emotions.  It is simply incredible – the sense of calm and clarity that EFT produces  when I followed my recording!! I love QuickTaps and don’t know where I’d be without them! Thank you!”

Karen Friedenberg, Illinois

The power to change your life is right at your fingertips – literally! EFT is one of the most powerful techniques available to relieve psychological stress and physical pain. Never experienced EFT? That’s okay, because QuickTaps™ comes with a chart to show you exactly where to tap and our FAQs page will tell you all you need to know. It’s simple!

Each download is 40 – 60 minutes in length are simple to use – unlike any other EFT audio downloads or scripts because they allow you to insert your own words, feelings, and fears so that you will have powerful and lasting results. These are not “one size fits all” recordings. They are insightful and provocative and will inspire you to get in touch with all that is holding you back. More power and impact than you can imagine in an hour or less!

EFT Not Working For You?

QuickTaps™ will take the work and doubt out of constructing your own tapping sessions and get you the results you’re looking for. Simply choose a topic and download the file. QuickTaps™ are designed to take away the layers of limiting beliefs. As each layer is tapped away, the next layer will surface and QuickTaps™ will address those as well. But the power of QuickTaps™ doesn’t stop there. These downloads will help you to instill POSITIVE thinking and belief systems that will support you in your life goals and dreams! You will CHANGE those negatives to powerful positive beliefs! Take a look at the list of amazing QuickTaps™ topics and begin to imagine what is possible for you!

Each QuickTaps™ recording is only $29.97. Compare that to the average cost of $150 for one EFT session!

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