End Procrastination: QuickTaps Recordings

What if You Could Put an End to Procrastination Once and for All?

How would that change how you feel about your life?


Imagine a simple and affordable solution that will rid you of the thoughts and feelings that keep you from staying focused and on task! Excuses used to procrastinate drain your energy and can keep you from attracting the life that you deserve.

A little about Procrastination…

Procrastination is a habit that kills your productivity and robs you of the success you were born to experience. When you put off until later what you can quickly handle now, you multiply your stress. The things you put off rarely take care of themselves by the time you get to them, and the molehills of your life become mountains as a result.

Instead, you can experience a life of abundant joy and peace simply by making the decision to not make excuses. You’ll feel more decisive and confident, and you’ll more efficiently and effectively move through your schedule.

Excuses alone aren’t the main problem here though. It may help you to try to quit making excuses, but for the most part your goal should be to learn how to get to bottom of why you’re making excuses.


Confront the cause of your excuses by…


Changing negative thoughts like Into positive thoughts like these
I can’t do this I let go of any obstacles
I dread this task I am ready to get this done
I’m overwhelmed I plan and stick to my schedule


You can change all of that NOW!

QuickTaps™ End Procrastination recordings are your guided tour to emotional freedom; it’s like having your very own professional EFT Practitioner and Life Coach at your fingertips!

How to Use QuickTaps

It’s easy! QuickTaps End Procrastination recordings come with a PDF workbook and a tapping chart to help guide you through your session. Each segment of your QuickTaps recording addresses your beliefs at a different level so that you can repeat any part of the tapping session if and when you need to for optimum results. It’s simple to select a track and use your worksheet for new memories and concerns as they come up.

What is different about QuickTaps vs. other EFT Products?

EFT tapping is the only Energy Psychology that addresses your negative beliefs at a deep-down, core level. Doing so releases your emotional connection to the memories and events that are likely responsible for your limiting beliefs, fears, phobias and more. Yet, the recordings and videos that are currently available on-line do not effectively get to the core level or your problem. These products don’t help you to eliminate your strong emotional connection to past events and negative beliefs. QuickTaps does!

QuickTaps also comes with a workbook so that you can truly discover everything you need to know about whatever is holding you back. This is another key component to this EFT tapping process that is missing in other EFT products.

It’s affordable!

QuickTaps are only $29.97 each and can be used as often as you wish. Sessions with qualified EFT practitioners run from $100 to $300 or more. It’s difficult for many people to afford that, and QuickTaps is the next best thing!

It’s time to achieve your most desired dreams! You don’t have to live behind the angry feelings and emotions that keep you from living to your full potential any longer.

“QuickTaps™ are nothing short of astounding!  After using Marla’s recordings for some rather painful issues, I am able to think about these situations without pain or fear, despite my rigorous attempts to evoke those previous emotions.  It is simply incredible the sense of calm and clarity EFT produces!! I love QuickTaps and don’t know where I’d be without them! Thank you!”

Karen Friedenberg, Illinois


The power to change your life is right at your fingertips – literally!

QuickTaps™ End Procrastination recordings come with:

  • 5 – End Procrastination MP3 files – ranging from 35-50 minutes in length, so you can choose the level of tapping you’d like to use
  • 1 – End Procrastiantion Workbook – so you can truly discover everything you need to know about whatever is holding you back
  • 1- Bonus Tapping Chart – so you can print it out and have it handy when you’re working through the tapping process

QuickTaps™ End Procrastiantion recordings and workbook are only $29.97.

Begin NOW, to break down those walls and get to the bottom of the limiting beliefs that get in your way!