EFT Tapping on an Anger Slideshow

The other day I tried an “experiment” with a client and had some pretty amazing results, so I thought I’d share them here with you.

“Sherry” was feeling angry, but felt overwhelmed about tapping on all of the things that were making her angry. As we explored her feelings we noticed that anger seemed to be her “standby” emotion. When she is let down, when something bad happens, when she feels uncertain; all of these situations lead to anger for Sherry.  I asked her if there was a critical event in her life that she could cite for this abundance of anger and Sherry said there was not a big, single event. So I decided to take a different approach, to pave our way to a less overwhelming session for Sherry.

I asked Sherry if she would be able to quickly pull up images in her mind of life events that she still feels angry about. Fortunately, Sherry is a very visual person so she said she could easily envision “snapshots” of many memories. So I instructed her to run a “slideshow” of her memories as we tapped on releasing her anger.

The script was simple, using phrases like, “this anger, I’m so angry all of the time, I’m angry that all of these things happened”, et cetera. 
When I felt Sherry’s energy softening I tossed out the phrase, “I’d like to release some of this anger,” and Sherry hesitated. So, I asked her what would happen if she released her anger. In that moment Sherry realized that anger was so much easier to deal with than sadness, and that was what is underneath the anger. What a great awareness!

So we tapped on “gently” releasing “some” of the anger and allowing the sadness to dissipate as well. I used phrases like, “my sadness doesn’t have to be difficult to get through; I choose to release this anger and sadness with ease and love; this anger and sadness go hand in hand, leaving me in peace.”
The results of this session were remarkable! Sherry said she felt more at peace than she had in years. She did have more sadness surface but chose to sit with that until the next session. But she was no longer fearful of dealing with the sadness!

Check out the Releasing Anger QuickTaps and add this routine to it for double the impact! Let me know how it goes!