Custom QuickTaps

Work directly with Marla via the phone or Skype and receive a custom QuickTaps™ recording of your session(s)!

If you are dealing with painful memories, limiting beliefs, illness, PTSD or any other difficult events, you may benefit from one-to-one coaching and Emotional Freedom Techniques sessions. We can work together in one or more sessions and I will record and deliver those sessions to you in the QuickTaps™ format.

What’s the Benefit of Custom QuickTaps?

If your life problems are causing you great difficulty you may have difficulty getting to the core of your discomfort and dis-ease without personal assistance from a trained professional. As an experienced coach and certified EFT practitioner, I can help you at a deeper level. Many people try EFT by themselves and contact me to ask why it doesn’t work. EFT DOES work, but we all need help from a professional from time-to-time.

The added benefit is that your one-to-one session(s) with me will be recorded and you can utilize it as often as you need or want to. EFT Tapping is most powerful when used on an on-going basis and your custom recording will help you to do that.

For a powerful transformation contact me to discuss EFT Sessions and your customized QuickTaps™ recordings. I will be happy to offer you a 20-minute complimentary consultation to see if we can work together to achieve your goals.

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