Decreasing Worry and Stress

Every so often – well, quite often – I hear a client or acquaintance say something like “Every day I worry that [fill in the blank].” Oh, it might be that the dog will get sick, or the kids will be late for school. Perhaps that their spouse will get into a traffic accident or […]

Relief From Daily Stress with QuickTaps™

When we think of stress, we tend to focus on the big stressors; finances, relationships, work and more. But even when life is balanced and good, we take on stress. Environmental stress from pollution, wireless technology, et cetera; physical stress, and things like intense thinking, poor sleep habits and poor eating habits. So our body […]

Transforming Stress: QuickTaps Recordings

What if You Could Transform Your Stress and Live Worry Free? How would that change how you feel about your life? Imagine a simple and affordable solution that will rid you of the thoughts and feelings that keep you from feeling stressed out! Negative thoughts and emotions drain your energy and can keep you from […]