Living in the Moment to Reduce Anger

As a life coach I help people to understand the value of living in the moment, you know, the “Zen” way of being. I offer helpful exercises to learn the art of removing one’s ego from certain situations and allowing the outcome. And to my credit, I practice what I preach as much as humanly […]

EFT Tapping on an Anger Slideshow

The other day I tried an “experiment” with a client and had some pretty amazing results, so I thought I’d share them here with you. “Sherry” was feeling angry, but felt overwhelmed about tapping on all of the things that were making her angry. As we explored her feelings we noticed that anger seemed to […]

Releasing Anger: QuickTaps Recordings

What if you could release your angry feelings? How would that change your life?   Imagine a simple and affordable solution that will rid you of the thoughts and feelings that keep you from living anger free! Angry thoughts and emotions drain your energy, have a negative impact on your health, and can keep you […]